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Adding video to your website is easier than you think

A webpage is the gateway to your business or to you if you are searching for a job. With the advent of YouTube and video capabilities on just about ever cell phone, it would be a waste of a webpage to ignore the power of a decent video. And it doesn’t have to have a ton of bells and whistles. A simple video taken while sitting at your desk can show clients how your business can help them, how your service can earn them more business, and how you can be the best asset to a hiring manager if you are looking for a new job.

A few things to think about when making your video:

  • Who is your audience? If you are going for a job, don’t wear a loud or overly-colorful outfit if it does not fit the job you are going for.
  • What do you want to tell your audience? Think about what they need before you answer this question. Do they need to know you can find the most illusive detail as a researcher, or have you worked as a cook in a top kitchen? List your accomplishments. This is not a time to be shy.
  • Keep it three minutes or under. Even though your viewer is just sitting there watching a video, they still don’t have an unlimited attention span. This is a scanning society and that includes videos. If it cannot be said in three minutes, you need to review your information and find the most important points to present in your video.
  • Check your lighting. Place lamps in places that will not produce a glare on your face. Many people film in front of blank walls or bookcases as well. Make sure all of it is lit well so as not to produce shadows during filming.
  • Lastly, look neat on camera. If you’re a man, shave or trim your beard. Women who wear makeup, make sure you check what you look like on camera before going live. Some colors or effects don’t translate well on film, so keep that in mind when filming. No one wants to hire a hot mess, so make sure you present your most coifed self.

Gone are the days when we need a crew to make a video. In fact, iPhones can produce great videos with little cost other than time. Look for apps that will enhance your video and then go for it! Make sure you provide a transcript below the video so people can skim if they must. A well-placed video can add to the written word.

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