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“Oh my God! I just applied to grad school … at my age.”

That’s what I said right after I hit the SEND button on my computer. I had agonized over the decision for two months after a visit to the Graduate Open House. I had already attended this same open house two years ago, but they did not have what I was looking for which was a vague idea of working with computers to bust bad guys. This year, they not only had an MS in Digital Forensic Investigations, but also a cool head of the department who broke down the program, my options and then told me he began his doctorate at 52-years-old. He is in charge of the department and building it into something even greater than it is now.

I begin grad school mid-May. God help me. I have a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I’m told my research skills combined with my life experience and my, let’s call it “strength,” will make me a fantastic forensic investigator.

Have you ever made a complete about face in your career? If so, I would love to hear about it. I am flying blind here with no role models. I hope to be someone else’s role model one day, but first I need to graduate and get into the field. My goal is to be that lady in the corner who knows everything. Bring her a “medium coffee cream only” and she will help you find anything.

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