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Bullet Journaling is the Way to Go

Photo courtesy of Esme at paper-pens-writing.

After using the Best Self Journal for several weeks, I discovered I had a lot of guilt when I did not have a productive week. I also didn’t like that two pages made up one day. So I’ve put it aside for my bullet journal. Bullet journals are just a different way of keeping organized. Check out Tiny Ray of Sunshine  or Kara at Boho Berry’s Instagram to get an idea, but don’t get turned off by the art. Your bullet journal can be as simple as words and lines with no pictures, no color … nothing else. I think this type of journaling will appeal to the scrapbooker or artist, but there’s lots of stuff on Pinterest to copy for your pages. Check out my Pinterest page on Journaling for some ideas.

When I was in the craft store looking for washi tape to help decorate mine, I made a decision. I had to make it easy or I wasn’t going to stick to keeping my journal. I color in stuff when I want to, I decorate with washi tape when I want to, and I don’t stress about making sure I list what I’m grateful for or constantly evaluate my goals. My goals are reached as I move through my week. I also took a pack of Post-It Notes and laid out my most basic pages like the daily pages, months 6 months out, ideas, etc. One of the most important parts of the system is to a) number the pages or buy a journal with numbers, and b) use a simple table of contents at the beginning of the journal. That’s it. Everything else is up to you.

I will post an affiliate link in the future for what I think is the best notebook, so stay tuned and let me know in the comments if you’ve started bullet journaling. I am currently a little obsessed with it, but I’m sure I will simmer down in a few weeks. That’s not to say I expect to stop bullet journaling because it checks all the boxes for organizing all of the bits of paper all over my desk and giving me a better place for my notes to myself. In the meantime, post your own pages or tell me how you use your own bullet or any other journal.

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