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Yes, I bought my own birthday cake!

birthday candles

I was driving on the Post Road in Milford, CT, wondering if anyone was going to order my favorite cake for my birthday. The bakery I loved went out of business a few years ago, so I it was hit or miss each year since whether or not I’d get my favorite cake. It is a chocolate layer cake with buttercream frosting filling, covered in buttercream frosting with chocolate ganache gently poured around the side with a dollop of chocolate frosting on top, right in the center. Yes, I love frosting! No fruit fillings for me in fact, I hate most fruits, but that’s another post for another day.

So I’m driving along thinking about my cake and realized I was about a block from the location of a new bakery. Actually, it is an old bakery, but it had moved and expanded to this new location. I pulled into the parking lot and went in with a purpose. I boldly ordered my own birthday cake. The girl behind the counter thought it was a great idea as did the older lady standing next to me as I explained what I wanted.

“Why didn’t I ever think of that?” mumbled the lady.

“I’m just glad I did!” I exclaimed and made arrangements to pick up my cake the next day.

As I walked out of the bakery, I wondered why I do not treat myself more. Yes, I get the occasional mani-pedi when I go on vacation or to a business event, but why don’t I do things like that more often? I think it’s because I don’t want to spend money on myself or take time for myself. I hear advertisers tell me I’m worth it, but they are just trying to sell a product. I also hear other moms proudly say they don’t have time to do anything because of their kids’ schedules, their husbands’ schedules, lack of money, etc. This is, I must say, ridiculous. If you can’t take ten minutes to stop at our wonderful beachfront and read a chapter of your book in your car, or grab a quick coffee with a friend, then your life is too crazy and things need to change immediately or life will soon pass you by.

I digress. I was telling you about buying my own birthday cake and this is why I did. I bought my own birthday cake because I know no one, not even my wonderful husband and sons, knows the importance of having the cake I grew up with; the cake with the buttercream frosting on chocolate cake with just enough chocolate ganache drizzled up the sides. The cake that reminds me of a time when I was young and the world was not so complicated, when summer meant heading outside until the streetlights came on, figuring out what to do with your friends all day and coming home to a mom and dad who nestled you in their love before you went to bed looking forward to another day of fun.

I urge everyone to buy their own cake every now and then.


(Thank you, Julia’s Bakery, for making the perfect cake.)
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