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Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

So, you’re born. You grow up in a nice, loving family or not. You go to school and do pretty well, or not. You head to college after high school or skip college and end up working before realizing you should have gotten that degree and then you go back to school … or not. You meet someone and marry, sometimes two or three times. Maybe along the way you have some kids or create your own family of kids through teaching or a life in service to children.

The point is there will come a time for almost everyone when they look back on their life. The challenges, the lessons learned, the loves and the losses. There will come a time when they want to tell their story even if it is just for their family, friends or future comrades in service to whatever they believe in. They will feel compelled to share the lessons learn so that others in the same shoes will be able to pass over those lessons and learn new lessons without reinventing the wheel. Or maybe they just think they had an interesting life and want others to know about it.

The point is that everyone, absolutely everyone, has a story and that story is valuable to someone. It might be their children or a close friend, or that story might be valuable to the world as in the case of Malala or Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

The point is we all have a story. Every single one of us sitting in this room has a story simply by virtue of being alive. We were born, grew up, were educated one way or another, and find ourselves in this place at this time doing something that someone will be interested in hearing about. Why not save those stories before they are lost? Before our memories become clouded over by time or illness? Why not write about our journey through this thing we call life so that someone else out there can benefit from our lessons learned?

This is what I love to do. I love taking people’s stories and turning them into treasures they can pass down to their family, their friends or the world. I have met so many people over the years and each one fascinates me for one reason or another even if they have not raised the roof and lived a quiet life. Because they have lived a life. They have put on their shoes every day and walked their journey. Their memories, all of the memories, the good and the bad, are valuable. The funny part is even when they think their memories and their stories are boring, there is someone somewhere who will find them interesting and perhaps learn something to apply to their own journey.

We are each given life and what we do with this life is what creates the stories. Whether they are happy stories or sad stories, there is always something to learn from them and someone who will benefit from them. Buy a blank notebook and start jotting your stories, open a file on your computer and start typing, or get a handheld recorder and start talking to it. Someone somewhere is waiting to hear your story, but first you have to write it.

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

If you want help getting your story down on paper, or already have a journal and want it put into a book to pass down to your family, call me. I take your journal, interview you or guide you to help create a simple book of your stories and memories to pass down through the generations.

Rosemary O’Brien, Founder

Veteran Stories

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